Professional Portal

The Professional Portal connects Health Care Professionals to their Patients. This Portal is designed to help the Health Care Professional deliver better patient care and to expand access to their services while optimizing practice efficiency. This Portal speeds the exchange of relevant health information across the continuum of care, allowing convenient access to patient information enables shared decision-making and accelerates adoption.

Key Features Include:

  • Care Collaboration Tools
  • Record Sharing Information System
  • Enable Secure Exchange of Patient Health Data across Multiple Health Systems
  • Triage Dashboard of Patient Data
  • Cloud-based health information exchange (HIE) platform
  • Integrates Patient Records from Multiple Sources into a Single Patient View
  • Provides real-time access for physicians to patient information
  • Point-of-Care Clinical Decision Support
  • Customization of Workflow Documents
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Online Consultations


Key Benefits Include:

  • Increase Patient and Physician Connectivity
  • Streamline Calendar and Scheduling Workflows
  • Reduce Costs through Connected Clinical Forms and Program Assessments

Professional Portal