Patient Adoption

Patient Interaction

Mobilecare247 empowers you with the HIE (Health Information Exchange) tools needed to drive patient adoption and loyalty by delivering customized, population-level interventions via social media, email marketing or other marketing channels. This unique approach to patient adoption relies on three factors native to Mobilecare247:

  • Care Solutions: Interactive health programs, forms and telehealth services created via a user-friendly authoring tool.
  • Health Campaigns: Leverage powerful marketing toolset that allows an organization to package a series of Care Solutions into a single “campaign” to send to a targeted, segmented patient list.
  • Social Media: Leverage social networks to drive consumer adoption by delivering health campaigns via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any health social network.

Mobilecare247 simplifies the process for an organization to deploy an industry-leading communication model that guides patients into the system while ensuring loyalty, rewarding positive behavior and offering a continually unique value proposition.

Interacting with a Patient, Retaining Customers

Organizations can utilize the remote monitoring tools within Mobilecare247 to compose a health program, which includes a multi-day set of interactive health sessions, and deploy the health program via a health campaign.


Mobilecare247 allows health care professionals to monitor Care Solutions, accessed by patients, while driving revenue and delivering continual value for all Care Team members.
Remote Health Mgt System

Delivering Health Campaigns

Mobilecare247 health campaigns provides organizations an innovative way to package health programs, forms and tele-health services into a single “special offer” that can be delivered to thousands of patients either by email, direct mail, web banner or social network, allowing the organization to instantly tap into consumer networks.

The Mobilecare247 Health Campaign process is simple:

  • Once the health campaign is created, it can be syndicated via the desired channel, to the patient(s).
  • The patient accepts the campaign invitation and is on-boarded into the Care Solution Package, which includes health programs (patient registration forms, Health Risk Appraisals, Program Registration Forms).
  • Patients then begin completing the Care Solutions where the results of each interaction are displayed, in nearly real-time, on the Triage Dashboard. There, the assigned health care professionals can monitor the patients’ Care Solution.
  • Once created, the organization can re-launch the health campaign our tools and offer new health programs, creating an on-going value proposition for returning patients.

Where We Can Help

Mobilecare247 has flexible health marketing campaign tools that can help satisfy numerous use cases that include:

  • Care Transitions: hospitals and assisted living organizations can leverage the Mobilecare247 Connected Health Platform to enroll patients into transitions of care, and continually monitor them through each transition while offering remote monitoring services, once the patient is in their medical home.
  • Medication Adherence: deploy remote monitoring capability allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to deploy a health campaign to all patients on a specific medication, offer text and email reminders and provide customized, interactive health programs to help a patient remember their medications or to allow providers to monitor potential adverse events of the medication via the Triage Dashboard.
  • Loyalty Programs:  deploy a loyalty program to patients and offer them value-added services that keep patients engaged and healthy.

Social Media

Mobilecare247 leverages social networks in a way not seen on any health platform as it taps into each networks’ “API”, allowing organizations to seamlessly deliver targeted health campaigns with a click of a button. Once delivered, the organization can drive paid traffic to the health campaign, further accelerating adoption and acquisition.


Social Media

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