Interactive Programs

Mobilecare247 provides your organization with the tools necessary to compose and deliver interactive health programs based upon custom care protocols. Using the accompanying Triage Dashboard, health care professionals can monitor the needs of their patients and rapidly respond to high-risk care responses.

Health Programs

Mobilecare247 is your source for creating, implementing and administering customized health programs that will allow you to electronically capture data, automate information delivery, support wellness and monitor health conditions. Mobilecare247 health programs can leverage branching tree logic, allowing authors to create algorithm based question and response flows. This enables the provider to use exception management techniques to “triage” those patients who truly need attention first and easily filter patient responses using a graphical dashboard.

Interactive Forms

Mobilecare247 provides you the tools and resources you need to transition offline process flows to the online space such as patient registration, pre-surgical assessments and clinical forms. Health Enrollment forms can be rapidly authored and deployed to patients either individually or allowing for large groups of patients to enroll online and fill out forms before even getting to the clinic.

With the Mobilecare247 health program composition tools, your organization can create health programs and interactive health forms for the following scenarios:

  • Care Transitions & Hospital Readmission Reductions
  • Medication Management
    – Medication Therapy Management
    – Medication Adherence
    – New Medication Monitoring
    – Specialty Pharmacy
    – Medication Reconciliation
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Online Consultations with Health Professionals
  • Senior Caregiving
  • Home Health Nursing Services
  • Medical Home Initiatives
  • Corporate Wellness
  • Health Risk Assessments
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Clinical Workflow Optimization
  • Pre-Operative Anesthesia Evaluation Forms
  • Hospital Admission Forms
  • Schools, Camps and Child Immunization Forms
  • Family Caregiver Services

Interactive Programs