Mobilecare247 enables hospitals and physician groups to practice collaborative, coordinated care with other healthcare organizations and facilities in their communities for health and patient information exchange. By linking disconnected Electronic Health Records (EHRs) with interoperability, information can be shared across a broad network of providers and care settings.

Collaboration and coordinated care is vital for becoming compliant with Stage 2 of Meaningful Use with a heightened emphasis on HIE (Health Information Exchange). There are now four measures devoted to use of registries, data sharing with other providers across vendor boundaries, and the proactive engagements of patients. Mobilecare247 embraces this movement and takes pride in the fact that we are ready to support these exchanges.

Mobilecare247 offers the infrastructure for connecting information systems and applications across the healthcare continuum—serving as the conduit for all clinical and administrative information and applications.

At the core of our HIE services, Mobilecare247 includes services for:

  • Identity Management: The  underlying privacy and consent management processes that satisfy the requirements of a HIE initiative while managing digital identities across a network of participants
  • Community Collaboration: An online environment for displaying aggregated information in a centralized patient-centric dashboard, as well as accessing applications across HIE initiatives
  • Data Exchange: A comprehensive engine for sharing and managing information across the HIE initiative
  • Master Patient Index (MPI): A centralized MPI for participants (providers, payers, etc.) to support broad-based data exchange and quality reporting
  • Record Locator Service (RLS): A comprehensive service that manages the location of various episodes of care for quick retrieval and access to a single patient medical record