HIE Framework

Mobilecare247 is the engine behind a connected community. Our Health Information Exchange (HIE) framework enables the exchange of clinical information such as patient data, lab orders, results and more. Our HIE Framework positions you for accountable care requirements, lower costs, faster integration and efficient patient information distribution.

Professional Portal

The Professional Portal connects Health Care Professionals to their Patients. This Portal is designed to help the Health Care Professional deliver better patient care and to expand access to their services while optimizing practice efficiency. This Portal speeds the exchange of relevant health information across the continuum of care, allowing convenient access to patient information enables shared decision-making and accelerates adoption.

Consumer Portal

The Consumer Portal connects Patients to their Health Care Professionals. This Portal includes a Patient’s Personal Health Record and Secure Messaging through which designated Care Team members communicate while interactive Health Programs and Services support care.

Patient Adoption

Mobilecare247 empowers you with the tools needed to drive patient adoption and loyalty by delivering customized, population-level interventions via social media, email marketing or other marketing channels.

Interactive Programs

Mobilecare247 provides your organization with the tools necessary to compose and deliver interactive health programs based upon custom care protocols. Using the accompanying Triage Dashboard, health care professionals can monitor the needs of their patients and rapidly respond to high-risk care responses.

Data Sharing

Mobilecare247 delivers a powerful, industry leading permission and sharing HIE framework that allows health care professionals to share records with other health care professionals, patients or family caregivers. Mobilecare247 not only allows providers to share information, but to receive updates from other providers or patients, based upon their specific needs.