Transitions of Care

Care transitions is the term that describes the actions of health care providers designed to ensure the coordination and continuity of health care during the movement between health care practitioners and settings as their condition and care needs change during the course of their illness.

Mobilecare247 bridges the gap between the health system and the patient medical home by providing a full care management software suite comprised of a powerful set of collaborative health care tools including:

  • Care Collaboration: Secure messaging between health organizations, providers, patients and family caregivers.
  • Care Solutions: Health Programs designed to provide disease management guidance, wellness education, and facilitate medical case management.
  • Clinical Optimization: Interactive forms or iForms that provide the capability to pre-register patients online and continually assess their health with assessments.
  • Care Management: An interactive Care Management Dashboard that allows nurse case managers and providers to rapidly assess and monitor the condition of discharged patients allowing rapid intervention to prevent hospital readmission.

Care Management Software

Mobilecare247 is the leader in providing care management software solutions to organization desiring to both optimize their existing clinical operations and deliver better care, to more patients at a significantly reduced cost.

The Care Management system includes a fully Connected Personal Health Record (PHR) and your choice of a built in Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or the ability to integrate our PHR into an existing EMR. The system fully connects with existing Health Information Exchanges or HIE’s through the Data Exchange Hub.

Mobilecare247 also includes an innovative, industry first Care Management Dashboard that allows health care professionals to monitor large populations of patients in an intuitive, user friendly interface. Responses from patients can be sent via the Mobilecare247 Consumer portal, IVR or mobile devices and smartphones.

Transitions of Care