Reducing Hospital Readmissions

The Affordable Care Act creates financial incentives for health systems to lower their readmission rates within the first 30 days, after discharge from an acute care setting. This is known as the HRRP or Hospital Readmission Reduction Program and will require new ways to manage patients both pre, during and post hospital visit.

Mobilecare247 is your solution to reduce 30-day readmissions by providing superior Transitions of Care tools, including:

  • Care Transition Solutions that feature patient educational content and clinical assessment tools, integrating nationally recognized care transition’s best practices.
  • Communication Tools that connect the patient’s Care Team members and other Health Care Professionals via the HIPAA Secure Message Center.
  • Medication Management Tools that provide exceptional medication reconciliation capabilities that decrease duplicate medications and adverse events while increasing medication knowledge and adherence.
  • Family Caregiver Engagement Tools that enable family members to actively participate in the Care Team.
  • Mobile applications that allow patients to answer questions post discharge and keep care navigators informed of potential adverse events.

Health Systems will experience even greater success in reducing readmissions and avoidable emergency department visits when they also implement the Patient Centered Medical Home Solution.


Mobilecare247 facilitates remote care management and care coordination between the patients, family members and other members of the patients care team including patient care navigators that can use the Triage Dashboard to monitor an entire patient population and leverage our exception based care management features to focus only on those patients that actually need attention. This is the power of Mobilecare247.

Reducing Hospital Admissions