Medical Home

The Mobilecare247 Connected Health Platform makes the vision of the Patient-Centered Medical Home a reality. A Patient Centered Medical Home is a health care strategy that facilitates partnerships between patients, family caregivers, their personal physicians and when appropriate, other health care professionals. Care is facilitated by a connected health platform that includes a health information exchange and care management tools, assuring that patients get the indicated care when and where they need and want it. With Mobilecare247, this also includes tools that make remote care easier and optimize a providers’ time by leveraging exception management care protocols that surface the highest priority of care via an interactive triage dashboard.

A patient-centered medical home is possible as Mobilecare247 helps a primary care practice connect physicians, patients, families and other members of the Care Team in order to provide continuous, coordinated and comprehensive care. Mobilecare247 provides advanced primary care practices with the care management tools needed to focus on what matters,

“Taking better care of more patients, more efficiently.”

This is a flexible care management solution that embraces the joint principles that underlie this approach to medical care.

Common Elements Of A Patient-Centered Medical Home

Access to a Personal Physician in a Trusting, Healing Relationship

Mobilecare247 enables primary care physicians and advanced practice nurses to invite their patients to enroll in Mobilecare247 in order to receive access to an integrated personal health record, secure Care Team messaging and to gain access to interactive Health Programs and Services, recommended by their physicians. Consulting physicians and other health care professionals participating in the care of the patient can be invited to join the Care Team.

Supports Team Practice

Mobilecare247 enables all members of the Care Team to participate in efforts to embrace prevention strategies, to improve clinical outcomes and to lessen the burden of disease by aligning these goals among individuals who collectively are responsible for longitudinal and episodic care of patients.

Whole Person Orientation

Mobilecare247 provides professionals with the care coordination tools necessary to support communication and the interchange of data between qualified professionals while providing a longitudinal patient health record that can be shared across geographic and institutional boundaries.

Care is Coordinated and/or Integrated Across All Elements of the Complex Health Care System

Mobilecare247 seamlessly supports the flow of information across the continuum of care including the hospital, the ER, physician offices, long-term care and home health services. The Data Exchange Hub facilitates the sharing of information in a secure, HIPAA compliant environment with EHRs, state-based registries and disease-specific care collaboratives.

Quality and Safety are Hallmarks of the Medical Home

Mobilecare247′ Care Solutions provides the ability of physicians to deliver evidence-based care through its integrated Health Programs, to deliver educational content to patients and to receive directed clinical decision support that is relevant to their patients’ unique needs and are linked to performance measurement. The Medication Manager enables full medication reconciliation and tracking designed to avoid adverse drug events and to avoid associated hospital re-admissions and emergency department visits.

Enhanced Access to Care

Mobilecare247′ exception management system connects to home medical devices and mobile technology enabling medical practices to prioritize office visits for those who need urgent care and to coordinate care post-acute care discharge or for emergency department visits.


Mobilecare247 includes a legal medical record that enables physicians and health care professionals to capture their work in providing patient-centered care services. This includes the ability to deliver eConsults, to communicate using the fully integrated secure e-mail messaging and the ability to share information across the Care Team. The connectivity to remote medical devices enables physicians to manage patients with complex conditions at home.

Medical Home Solutions