Home Health Monitoring

Staying Connected To Care…Anywhere

Mobilecare247 is your solution for keeping patients connected to care at home and on the go. Unlike reactive, traditional post-incident systems, Mobilecare247 monitors your patients’ health indicators, supports patient self-management through integrated reminders and educational information and provides you the opportunity to monitor patients from their own home.

Home Health Monitoring versus Traditional Post-Incident Systems


Home Health Monitoring solution can help your organization reduce hospital readmissions, enhance care coordination and provide a seamless transition of care for the patient from discharge to home.

Now with Mobilecare247, you can be assured that when that patient goes home, they will have the support of their entire care team, from family members to their specialists, and your support via Home Health Monitoring programs.

With Mobilecare247, patients can rest assured they have the support of their entire care team.

Home Health Monitoring works by leveraging the patient’s already-existing mobile devices, computers or iPad to respond to health sessions created by you or other health organizations. The results of those health sessions are then displayed on the triage dashboard, which then aggregates the information allowing you to see all your patients in one view and filter that view to determine who needs attention now and who is doing just fine.

The powerful triage dashboard provides an aggregated view of patients’ health session responses

Make House Calls Possible Again by Connecting with Patients Anywhere, at Anytime

In today’s world, having dedicated devices to monitor one’s health can be a hassle and a financial burden. That is why Mobilecare247 can be accessed via the web or common smartphones, tablets and existing medical devices, allowing your patients to use what they already have and avoid equipment fees and servicing. This ease of use and reduced burden makes life simpler and easier on you and your patients

Patients can use their existing devices, such as a smartphone, to monitor their care remotely.

Home Health Monitoring