Mcare247 Tablet Overview

Enabling Telehealth Communication


Mobilecare247 offers an easy-to-use touch screen in an affordable HIPAA-compliant telemonitoring communication device that virtually connects patients with their physicians, specialist and family caregivers. The Mcare247 Tablet also sets new standards for in-home monitoring of diseases, ranging from diabetes to heart disease. Through automated technology, Mcare247 Tablet improves outcomes, reduces the cost of hospital stays, and enhances overall patient wellbeing.

More specifically, the Mcare247 Tablet has the ability to capture all patient vital signs (such as weight, blood pressure, glucose reading, temperature, oxygen level, and others), as well as conduct a “remote office visit” with a patient. It also offers such unique features for the patient as audio and visual medication reminders, physical therapy alerts, and patient education on topics most relevant to each patient.

The following functions are provided with the Mcare247 Tablet system:

  • Telehealth software for connecting the patient with caregivers
  • Medication management software for medication compliance
  • Remote audio/video conferencing software for virtual visits
  • Patient monitoring device software to monitor and transmit biometrics
  • Integration with a EHR Electronic Health Record
  • Secure Messaging system to support easy communication with providers

A key convenient communication option is also available for your Mcare247 Tablet is 3G High-Speed Wireless Internet Service.

The Mobilecare247 Mcare247 Tablet is a portable device that offers, via the 3G card, unlimited free home phone service via VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) through the tablet. No more fees for home phone calls placed through your Mcare247 Tablet. It’s all part of our plan to reduce expenses as we increase services for today’s seniors.

Patient Biometric Monitoring with the Mcare247 Tablet can be accomplished with these devices:

  • Mcare247 Electronic Scale
  • Mcare247 Blood Pressure Cuff
  • Mcare247 Thermometer
  • Mcare247 Pulse Oximeter
  • Mcare247 Glucometer
  • Mcare247 Otoscope Camera

Although our current offering only includes the capture of biometrics associated with the above devices, Mobilecare247 realizes that a number of additional biometrics will need to be captured based on the needs of our customers.