Mcare247 for Providers

Making a Difference

Mobilecare247 is focused on delivering powerful, yet affordable and easy-to-use products and services that connect medical care providers with their patients. Our new technology platform delivers four key benefits to providers:

  • Reimbursement for remote care services
  • Enhanced care and safety for the patient
  • Reduced costs of patient care
  • Increased capacity for patient visits

Free Provider Software!

The medical provider only needs a computer, Internet access, and a low-cost digital camera for a PC to fully utilize Mobilecare247. (You also have the option of using our Care247 Tablet.) The Mobilecare247 telehealth software used to communicate with the patient is offered to the provider at no charge. There is virtually zero initial and ongoing cost to the provider to use the Mobilecare247 Care247 Tablet system.

Convenient Care for Providers and Patients

The Care247 Tablet is an easy-to-use, wireless, portable device that supports remote audio and video between you and your patient, as well as the capture and monitoring of your patient’s vitals, including pulse, weight, glucose & oxygen level, and blood pressure.

The Mobilecare247 approach is to provide “more product for less money”. We know these products need to be easy to use and affordable. You’ll probably be surprised at how much we offer for such a low cost to your patients. We are convinced we can do this with the help and support of healthcare providers across the country. It’s a big win for everyone involved, especially your elderly patients.

Every health care reform proposal before Congress over the last decade recognizes the heightened demand for primary care services and providers. One reason is that greater availability of primary as well as and preventive care has been tied to cost savings and improved quality.

How professional care givers are paid and which of their services are covered has been a contentious issue. This is evidenced by the patchwork of policies governing payment for their services by substantial variation in payment rates among state programs.

There are many federal, state and private: subsidies, waivers and reimbursement programs that will assist providers so you get paid what you deserve as the patient gets the care they need. The purpose of this section is to provide the policies and plans that are currently in place. If more details are required by a health delivery system, Mobilecare247 is available to assist in providing an in-depth analysis of the opportunities available for your specific organization.