Mcare247 Tablet Overview

Mobilecare247 offers an easy-to-use touch screen in an affordable HIPAA-compliant telemonitoring communication device that virtually connects patients with their physicians, specialist and family caregivers. The Mcare247 Tablet also sets new standards for in-home monitoring of diseases, ranging from diabetes to heart disease. Through automated technology, Mcare247 Tablet improves outcomes, reduces the cost of hospital stays, and enhances overall patient well being.

Mcare247 for Providers

Mobilecare247 is focused on delivering powerful, yet affordable and easy-to-use products and services that connect medical care providers with their patients. Our new technology platform delivers four key benefits to providers:

Mcare247 for Family & Friends

Senior citizens fear moving into a nursing home and losing their independence more than death, according to a Clarity 2007 “Aging in Place” study. The study also found that among baby boomers, 82% fear their parents will be mistreated in a nursing home, and 89 percent worry their parents will be sad.

Mcare247 for Patients & Seniors

Provides patients with independent living, as opposed to moving to assisted living or worse, a nursing home. Enhances confidence and safety, and reduces anxiety for seniors, patients and family members. Improves health outcomes and patients’ quality of life.