Patient-Centered Medical Homes

Mobilecare247 Connect Expands Patient-Centered Medical Homes

Over the last year, Patient-Centered Medical Homes have grown in popularity and established value in the outcomes of their patients and communities. As a result of the pioneering work done by many across the country, potential medical homes now see fewer “start-up” hurdles in their path to success and finally have options to create a financial structure that best accommodates their evolving organizations.

With the obstacles removed and financial incentives better aligned, the time is now for Patient-Centered Medical Homes to develop care coordination programs.

The new healthcare reform package includes support for pilot programs for both the ACO and medical home initiatives under the Medicare program as well as shared risk and capitated models offered by many private payers. A key aspect of the current demonstration project is the ability to demonstrate improved outcomes through care coordination and established community linkages collaborating to achieve higher quality care at reduced overall costs.

Mobilecare247’s secure, web-based platform powers your medical home to consistently deliver the right care to the right patients at the right time, resulting in a sophisticated and efficient care coordination network. While many systems can help you identify gaps in care, only Care Team Connect helps you close the identified gaps in a resource-efficient and scalable way.

By using the Mobilecare247’s platform, the care teams involved within a medical home are able to coordinate efforts to improve patient outcomes while significantly reducing healthcare costs. Our intuitive, scalable solution helps you manage targeted patient populations by risk, payer, diagnosis and care setting, generating individualized care plans that drive transparency and accountability across the care continuum.

Care managers will have the workflow tools to turn data and protocols into coordinated care and executives will have reporting to determine program effectiveness and outcomes.

Mobilize Your Care Network

Mobilecare247 provides you with the power to deliver consistent and efficient care across your forming care network. Mobilecare247 will insure you create the appropriate program for appropriate resource utilization while enabling a scalable model to address all patients within your attribution model.

  • Prevent network leakage – guide needs-based referrals and manage referral performance
  • Automate patient-specific protocols for patient populations of interest
  • Gain visibility of partner compliance with patient care plans to enhance communications across care settings
  • Identify patients in need of additional services prior to significant health changes
  • Leverage payer-based risk models or further stratify patients proactively to drive resource utilization
  • Provide workflow solutions for care managers and community partners
  • Create community linkages electronically, sharing information and navigating care for patients and providers
  • Ensure compliance upon multiple transitions and reduce redundancy of services