About Mobilecare247 Inc.


Mobilecare247 Inc. is a Michigan-based Health Solution provider that currently provides services to clients in the United States. The executive team includes technology industry thought leaders with decades of experience in the technology program and marketing space.

Mobilecare247 provides an enterprise-level connected health solution to empower care teams to deliver better care, to more patients, at a fraction of the cost. The Company’s best-in-class connected health platform offers an integrated suite of online professional and consumer portals that seamlessly connects health care professionals to patients, their families and other members of a patient’s care team. The Mobilecare247 platform facilitates the flow, management and sharing of vital health and medical information with stakeholders across the health care ecosystem.

The programs’s interoperability and data integration capabilities provide a flexible, bi-directional data exchange with existing electronic medical records (EMRs), clinical practice systems, hospital and lab records, claims and medication history, all centrally stored in a private and secure HIPAA compliant database. The program facilitates the health monitoring of patients nationwide, creates social networks and facilitates health care commerce. Payers, health care professionals, family caregivers and patients can all benefit by the connectedness with each other, making health information more fluid and easily accessible.


The Accountable Care Organization Solution